This article is about the Ventgarden. You may be looking for the Juvenile Ventgarden.

The Ventgarden is a leviathan class fauna species. There are currently two Ventgardens in game, both found in the Tree Spires. It is the adult form of the Juvenile Ventgarden.


The Ventgarden's main body is round and has a petal-like set of blue and yellow patterned frills on top of it. The bottom of the body seems to have an opening that is sealed shut by a cone-shaped set of flaps when swimming and opens when the organism is above a thermal vent. From the base of the body six long ciliated tentacles extend downwards to red branching tips. Between each pair of tentacles is a glowing yellow circle, the nature of which are unknown, possibly being eyes.

On the top of the body, a huge hollow and transparent bell is attached. In the center of the body within the bell, a large red structure resembling seaweed can be seen. Directly above this and attached to the top of the bell is a large cone-shaped structure that emits a bright cyan glow at night.

From the base of the bell, six long branches protrude and curve upwards, each with multiple "plateaus" attached which provide surfaces for flora to grow within the bell.

Redwort, Writhing Weed and Blue Palms can be seen growing within the bell in the concept art. The in game Ventgarden has Redwort, Bulb Stalk Plant, and Spiral Plants growing in it.


The adult Ventgardens are only seen stationary over thermal vents with their tentacles anchoring them in place. It stays over the vent, allowing hot water enriched with nutrients to flow into the bell through an opening in the bottom of the body.

When sitting over a thermal vent, an opening on the underside of the body is opened and the player can swim inside the body through this opening.

The Ventgarden expels excess fluid through its top vent. The excess fluid expelled is able to push the player 15 meters upwards.

Databank Entry

Vent Garden
Vent Garden frame
Source: Scan Ventgardens


The Ventgarden appears very similar in appearance to the siphonophore, the Portuguese man o' war which like the Ventgarden is also a colonial organism.

The Ventgarden bears a striking resemblance to a type of underwater greenhouse known as "Nemo's Garden". It is possible it was based on this.


File Type
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External Ambience
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Internal Ambience
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Mouth Closing
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Mouth Opening


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