This article is about Vehicles in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Vehicles.

Subnautica: Below Zero will feature different vehicles compared to the original Subnautica.

Vehicle Description Velocity (m/sec) Perks & Upgrades
PRAWN Suit Transparent.png
Prawn Suit
Epic mech suit designed for navigating challenging environments on foot.

Forward: 6

Backward: 2.5

Lateral: 4

Vertical (standard, upgraded): 6; 12

Sea Truck Vehicles.png
Modular submarine

Forward: 9.2

Backward: 9.2

Lateral: 9.2

Vertical: 9.2

Hoverbike Vehicle.png
Fast land travel

Forward: 10.5

Backward: 10.5

Lateral: 10.5

Vertical: N/A

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