Spoiler The subject of this article is not yet in Subnautica: Below Zero.

The contents of this article are not currently in Survival or Freedom naturally but may be available through Creative or Console Commands.

This article is about the Trivalve. You may be looking for the Triops.

The Trivalve is a small fauna species that will appear in Subnautica: Below Zero.


From a side view, the Trivalve's body resembles a magatama, and it is mostly covered in a type of colorful exoskeleton. The creature has six visible legs, with four large ones supporting its weight, and two small ones right next to two pedipalp-like extremities. It has three eyes arranged in a vertical line, two small eyes for depth perception and a large complex eye between these two. Under the eyes is a beak-shaped mouth pointing downwards.

The Trivalve species appears to have two morphs that vary from each other in coloration. One morph has a shell that is pale orange on the top and darker orange on the sides and underside, with the fins sharing the same coloration. The other morph is pale blue in colour, with irregularly-shaped white stripes radiating outwards from the centre of the body.

The orange-shelled Trivalve has bright yellow eyes, whilst the blue-shelled Trivalve has slightly darker, more orange eyes. Currently, only the blue Trivalve is available in the game.

Trivalve Fauna


The trivalve is very passive and playful towards the player, it can also interact with the player. Its Behaviour is similar to the cuddlefish.


The body of the Trivalve looks very similar to the shell of nautiluses, the most basal of living cephalopods. The name Trivalve is inspired by the class Bivalvia, possibly suggesting some comparable anatomical features. The creature's ability to swim upside-down seems to be inspired by horseshoe crabs.