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  • discussion page Talk:Frozen Leviathan
    new comment by Dalek955 1 hour ago
    Comment: SD experimental pretty much proves that the creature is alive. You inject it with Kharaa Cure and the glowing Kharaa pustules die off all over its...
  • discussion page Talk:Seatruck Energy Efficiency Upgrade
    new comment by Lexanator Mobile 2 hours ago
    Comment: No its a expermintal glitch, just use commands to unlock it, its not your fault so no same the command is: unlock seatruckupgradeenergyefficiency
  • edit Sanctuary Zero
    edited by Dracos vatrouna 3 hours ago diff
    Summary: new quote, small tweaks

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  • discussion page Talk:Spicy melon salad
    new comment by CDRG 4 hours ago
    Comment: I have the ingredients but not the recipe. I went to Miada's garden to collect food, including the Snow Stalker berry plant.  I grew and cut a leaf....
  • discussion page Talk:Phi Robotics Lab
    new comment by Lexanator Mobile 5 hours ago
    Comment: yo I think I found Jacksepticeyes little easter egg in here, its unscannable though. If your curious its located in the administration room on a...
  • discussion page Talk:Walkthrough
    new comment by Rob6239 9 hours ago
    Comment: If you haven't found all of them, there are some abandoned Alterra bases and some alien / architect caches deep down that are important
  • discussion page Talk:Lily Paddler
    new comment by Rob6239 10 hours ago
    Comment: For a long time, I saw these around but thought it was some type of glowing butterfly-fish carrying around sea monkeys
  • discussion page Talk:Test Override Module
    new comment by Rob6239 10 hours ago
    Comment: just an observation - but it seems a bit confusing to have to find parts of the Parallel Processing Unit, and then find the blueprint for the Test...

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