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  • discussion page Talk:Ice Worm
    new comment by Arovian 2 hours ago
    Comment: Ha ha, so true! I've not been killed by an ice worm in Frostbite or Salad Days (apparently they just make a terrible amount of nnoise, damage your...
  • discussion page Talk:Indoor Growbed
    new comment by Raptor367 6 hours ago
    Comment: Look again Mbruun73. I just scanned a indoor growbed in  Phi Robotics Lab
  • discussion page Talk:Marguerit's Greenhouse
    new comment by Raptor367 8 hours ago
    Comment: There is a map on the wall inside the base on the rocket island (Now delta base island?), if you check all those locations, you might stumble upon...
  • discussion page Talk:Chelicerate
    new comment by Agent Andrew martins 8 hours ago
    Comment: We don't know if Below Zero will have eggs, it's not confirmed yet..............I think.
  • discussion page Talk:Kyanite
    new comment by Chuckless 9 hours ago
    Comment: they're also in the Fabricator Caverns
  • edit Research Base Zero
    edited by GDCryogen 10 hours ago diff
    Summary: Robin Goodall's Room:

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  • discussion page Talk:Marguerit's Greenhouse
    new comment by Lamaxx135 10 hours ago
    Comment: I am a little confused ... apart from using the console to enter the actual coordinates, how is one supposed to find the greenhouse using only the...
  • discussion page Talk:Fred Lachance
    new comment by Moe-Mux-Hagi 10 hours ago
    Comment: This man is one hell of a honhon baguette

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