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Prior To Installation Of Vesper

Vesper Period

  • Two years after Ryley escapes 4546B,[1] The Vesper is installed in orbit for research.
  • Robin Goodall and Jo Jeffreys are stationed in Sector Zero researching the local environment.
  • Jeffreys suddenly disappears.
  • Robin Goodall searches for Jeffreys at Alien Research Site Zero, finds his PDA and heads back to Research Base Zero to shelter from an oncoming electrical storm.
  • The extreme weather conditions trigger an avalanche, covering Research Base Zero and when trying to get back to it the ice below Robin's feet breaks and she is forced to swim out through a tunnel.


  1. Marguerit states she has been on 4546B for 12 years, and taking into account that the Degasi crashed a decade earlier when Ryley Robinson was in the Crater, it is obvious that two years have passed since the events of Subnautica. The Steam description labeling "one year" is likely a mistake.