The Spike Trap is a large, aggressive flora species.

While originally intended for Subnautica, it is now planned for Below Zero.


The Spike Trap consists of a huge cross-shaped base on the ground having a cross-shaped maw at its center, in which features a smaller real mouth, filled with sharp, rectangular teeth. The center of the base is dull grey in color, and covered with four, spiky, yellowish carapace-like structures.

From each corner of Spike Trap's mouth protrudes a total of six white, red-tipped feelers extending upwards, with two pairs of feelers on one side and a pair of two singular feelers on the other. At the end of each feeler sports a bright yellow colored suction pad that emits a bioluminescent glow.



  • Despite superficially resembling an animal, the Spike Trap is listed as a type of flora in the official artwork of the developers.