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Sector Zero is the area where Subnautica: Below Zero takes place.[1][2]. This mega biome is sub-divided into smaller biomes, such as the Arctic Spires, Sparse Arctic, and Twisty Bridges. It is one of the two known mega-biomes on Planet 4546B, the other being the Crater. Sector Zero sits at the planet's equator, although experiences an unusual climate that leaves it covered with ice and cold temperatures overall.

The Sector Zero landmass can be seen in the ending scene of Subnautica, as the Neptune Escape Rocket orbits Planet 4546B.

Biomes within Sector Zero

See the Biomes page.

Relevant Databank Entries

Profile: Research Base Zero
Welcome to your home away from home on 4546B. This pamphlet will guide you through your new accomodation.

Get Your Bearings:

Zero sector is comprised of 2 square kilometers of ocean, located near the planet's equator. Unusual environmental conditions leave this area in almost permanent winter, interrupted by extreme weather events. For unknown reasons it was selected by the aliens as a hub for their installations. Life in the area has flourished since the release of enzyme 42 into the larger ecosystem.

Research Station Zero:

You have been posted to the main sector base, located on a large ice cap in the west, just below the primary alien research site. From here you will conduct research into alien communications and technologies, and conduct away missions to unmanned installations elsewhere in the sector.


  • 3-6 person accomodation
  • Full science and engineering section
  • Leisure and exercise facilities
  • Large growroom and water filtration unit for self-sufficient living
  • Weather forecasting suite
  • Prawn bay
Source: PDA in Research Base Zero