The Sea Truck is a vehicle that specializes in its customizability. Inside the cabin, there is an area used to pilot the Sea Truck and a lever used to detach all modules. There are several modules that can be attached to the Sea Truck to form a long chain. Each module serves a different function. An unmodified Sea Truck has a crush depth of 275m, but may be increased through depth modules.


The Sea Truck can be used as a mobile seabase, or as a quick submersible. It allows the player to explore deeper biomes.

It requires Energy from two Power Cells to function. The vehicle has its own Oxygen supply, and will replenish the player's oxygen unless the power has been depleted. The Sea Truck Cabin can be docked in the Moonpool to recharge. When docking, all modules automatically detach to allow the cabin to enter the Moonpool.

The Sea Truck Cabin has a health meter, and reaching zero will cause the cabin to explode, and leave any connected modules unaffected. The Sea Truck Cabin can take damage from being below its max crush depth, being attacked by hostile fauna, or by colliding with the terrain. Sea Truck modules have individual health meters, and are invulnerable to damage while they are connected to the cabin. Damage can be repaired with the Repair Tool.

The vehicle can be entered from a hatch located on top of the Sea Truck Cabin, or through an airlock at the rear if any modules are attached.

When going backwards, a camera facing behind the last module will be displayed on the right side of the Sea Truck's screen, allowing players to navigate behind them.


Sea Truck modules can be attached to the back of the main compartment and can be linked to each other. The modules can be individually picked up and moved externally, but it is slow to do so. The player is unable to build anything in the modules, including the cabin, using the Habitat Builder.[1]

Modules decrease the overall speed of the cabin when attached. This effect increases as the number of additional modules increases.

Module Function Fragments Debug Spawn
Sea Truck
Base module of the Sea Truck. Functions as a small submarine by itself and can be extended with further modules. seatruck
Sea Truck Aquarium Module
Aquarium Module
A module with two aquariums that captures nearby fish seatruckaquariummodule
Sea Truck Docking Module
Prawn Suit Docking Module
A module that must be on the end of the Sea Truck that allows for the Prawn Suit to be docked Not in game seatruckdockingmodule
Sea Truck Fabricator Module
Fabricator Module
A module with a Fabricator, used to craft Sea Truck upgrades seatruckfabricatormodule
Sea Truck Sleeper Module
Sleeper Module
A module with a Bed and Jukebox Not in game seatrucksleepermodule
Sea Truck Storage Module
Storage Module
A module with five small storage lockers seatruckstoragemodule
Sea Truck Teleportation Module
Teleportation Module
A module that comes with a teleportation tool that allows the player to teleport back to this module at any time Not in game seatruckteleportationmodule

Upgrades & Customisation

To upgrade the Sea Truck, open the upgrades panel located on the port side, just above the thruster. Up to 4 upgrades can be installed into the Sea Truck. Upgrades can be crafted inside of the Sea Truck Fabricator Module. The name and color scheme of the Sea Truck, will be able to be changed at a later date[2] (Presumably with the Vehicle Upgrade Console).

Upgrade Function Debug Spawn
Sea Truck Afterburner
Sea Truck Afterburner
Short speed boost. seatruckupgradeafterburner
Sea Truck Thruster Upgrade
Sea Truck Thruster Upgrade
??? seatruckupgradethruster
Sea Truck Energy Efficiency Upgrade
Sea Truck Energy Efficiency Upgrade
The Sea Truck uses less energy. seatruckupgradeenergyefficiency
Sea Truck Perimeter Defense
Sea Truck Perimeter Defense
??? seatruckupgradeperimeterdefense
Sea Truck Horse Power Upgrade
Sea Truck Horse Power Upgrade
Increases speed when hauling additional modules. seatruckupgradehorsepower
Sea Truck Depth Module MK1
Sea Truck Depth Module MK1
Increases maximum crush depth to 425 meters. seatruckupgradehull1
Sea Truck Depth Module MK2
Sea Truck Depth Module MK2
Increases maximum crush depth to 575 meters. seatruckupgradehull2
Sea Truck Depth Module MK3
Sea Truck Depth Module MK3
Increases maximum crush depth to 975 meters. seatruckupgradehull3


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