Sir, why not just bring her in? I don't know what explains it, but perhaps she's ill, tired, I don't know, but she could be a harm to herself and others.

― Sam to Maxim about Robin.


Samantha Goodall, more commonly referred to as Sam, is a main character and deuteragonist in Subnautica: Below Zero. She works on the Vesper and is the primary source of contact to the protagonist, Robin Goodall, who is also her sister.


Compared to Robin, Sam is much more by-the-book and professional. According to Alterra data, Sam has impaired social functioning and was diagnosed "obsessive compulsive".

Early Life

Sam is the eldest daughter of an unnamed mother, and was raised solely by her along with her younger sister Robin. When she turned 16, her family moved, which resulted in Sam's work suffering, but she seems to have recovered. She then spent 23 years working in various positions in Alterra.

Prior to the beginning of the game, Sam was promoted to the Human Resources Manager of the Vesper, and begins working with Robin and Robin's colleague, Jo Jeffreys.

Events of Below Zero

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Her mother

Due to the fact that Sam was raised solely by her mother, it can be assumed they had a positive relationship.

Robin Goodall

As her younger sister, Sam and Robin have a positive relationship, despite their conflicting personalities. Sam displays this when she sends Robin a Snowfox despite it going against regulations. and defending her when Maxim interrogates Sam about her sister's motivations.


Sam's boss, Maxim seems to care little for Sam as a person, instead focusing on how Sam "broke protocol" to give Robin a Snowfox. Sam tries to defend Robin's actions from Maxim, though he likely does not believe her.

Data Bank Entries

Alterra Contractor Profile: Sam Goodall

Name: Sam Goodall
Age: 48
Job Function: Human Resources Manager
Assignment: Vesper Station, 4546B
Family: Mother (Deceased); Sister (Robin Goodall, Independent Contractor)

Background: Born to a single mother employed by Alterra on City-Station 749. Studied the Alterra school curriculum until age 16 when the family relocated to Auwell, an independent planetary research colony outside Alterra space. Education suffered as a result, but Goodall did not lose her cultural identity, and returned to Alterra space as soon as possible to acquire digi-training in advanced management and negotiation strategies.

Previous Employment:
Alterra Seamoth Marketing Division (3 years)
Alterra Personnel Surplus Reduction Division (9 years)
Alterra Alms Communications (5 years)
Alterra Central Negotiations Strategy (6 years)
Vesper Human Resources Manager (Present)

Psych Assessment:
- Diagnosed obsessive compulsive. Impaired social functioning; professional function may be enhanced in detail oriented-roles. Prescribed Anterol 12h for balanced productivity enhancement.
- Demonstrates strong reward-based motivation. Well-integrated with Alterra corporate structure.

Summary: Extroverted. Sensitive. Thoughtful. Judgemental.

Sam Goodall Voicelog Cappa
MAXIM: Goodall!

SAM: Yes, sir!

MAXIM: I do not know why I am bothered with this minutia. I understand you requisitioned your sister a Snow Fox hoverbike.

SAM: Yes, sir.

MAXIM: Your conversations were flagged. I've read the transcripts. You bent the rules.

SAM: I did what I judged was most profitable for the company, sir.

MAXIM: You're good, Goodall, but not perfect. My vice-presidents are spotless.

SAM: I'll clean up, sir.

MAXIM: Good!

Sam Goodall Intercepted Voicelog #1
MAXIM: Goodall! Your sister... She delivered the alien core, yes?

SAM: Yes, sir.

MAXIM: Can she be trusted?

SAM: She's the best at what she does, Sir.

MAXIM: Has she lied to you before?

SAM: We grew up together. We were children.

MAXIM: Would you be able to tell if she lied to you again?

SAM: You'd... be the first to know, Sir.

Sam Goodall Voicelog X
SAM: Sir, I've been running some diagnostics, and I found something strange. Contractor Goodall's GPS has her traveling all over the sector.

MAXIM: That's what we pay her for.

SAM: But sir, she's not running Alterra operations. And she's been evasive when questioned. You asked me to tell you if I thought she was lying, Sir.

MAXIM: You would see your sister incarcerated for the good of the company? Why?

SAM: She's foolhardy. She's putting us at risk. I don't like it, but she's left me no choice.

MAXIM: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I want you to give her whatever she needs, and to watch what she does with it.

SAM: Sir, why not just bring her in? I don't know what explains it, but perhaps she's ill, tired, I don't know, but she could be a harm to herself and others.

MAXIM: You WANT me to send the marines after her?! You are aware of these people's reputation?

SAM: I believe I could get her to come in peacefully, Sir.

MAXIM: Comme ci, comme ca. Do you know what she hopes to achieve?

SAM: No, sir.

MAXIM: Is she the sort of person to tell?

SAM: No, sir.

MAXIM: Then we will see what she does.

SAM: Yes, sir.

MAXIM: Thank you, Vice-President Goodall.

Sam Goodall Voicelog Y
SAM: There's been an accident in the labs. All the stored enzyme, it's gone.

MAXIM: What do I care about this?!

SAM: Sir, it's a security risk. The enzyme is our only protection against the kharaa bacterium. If there was an outbreak we'd be defenseless.

MAXIM: Was it an accident, or sabotage?

SAM: The enzyme is unstable, Sir, but they've never seen this before.

MAXIM: So have the grunts on the planet send us more.

SAM: That's already underway, Sir, but the emperor specimens are mostly concentrated away from our outposts. Robin is the only asset we have close by. I thought you'd want personal oversight on this.

MAXIM: Brief Contractor Goodall. Don't mention sabotage. We'll see what runs in this family.

Goodall Family, Archived Voicelog Pt.1

*Alien chirping*

YOUNG ROBIN: PDA, describe auwellian toadworm hibernation behaviour.

PDA: Auwellian toadworms are an endangered species which hibernates most of the year in leaf-filled burrows. If disturbed they emit a characteristic chirping sound, and should be returned to a warm, enclosed environment as soon as possible.

YOUNG ROBIN: A warm, enclosed environment... *Gasp*

*Sound of Robin running off. The chirping goes with her until they are out of earshot.*

*Sound of Robin returning*

YOUNG SAM: *Screams*

*Alien chirping louder this time*

YOUNG SAM: What did you do?!


YOUNG SAM: What is that thing?!

YOUNG ROBIN: An auwellian toadworm.

YOUNG SAM: You put it in my bed!

YOUNG ROBIN: I didn't!

YOUNG SAM: Why would you- What is this stuff?! It's in my hair!

YOUNG ROBIN: Be careful! It needs the slime to hibernate! It's endangered!

YOUNG SAM: They can just make more!

YOUNG ROBIN: So what?!

YOUNG SAM: I'm telling mom!


Goodall Family, Archived Voicelog Pt.2
YOUNG SAM: I'm telling mom!


MOM: What happened?!

YOUNG SAM: She put a disgusting alien slug in my bed!

YOUNG ROBIN: It's a toadworm! It's friendly!

MOM: Slow down. Robin, why would there be a toadworm in Samantha's bed?

YOUNG ROBIN: Because it's warm and enclosed.

YOUNG SAM: Then why MY bed?!

YOUNG ROBIN: It was closer!

YOUNG SAM: She's lying!

MOM: Robin, how do you think it makes Samantha feel to have toadworm gunk in her bed?

YOUNG ROBIN: She looks angry.

MOM: Why would she be angry?

YOUNG ROBIN: Because it smells bad. And her hair looks stupid.


MOM: Girls, listen to me. One day you're going to find yourselves on opposite sides of a bigger fight than this. And people will try to tell you it's deadly important that your side wins. If you let this divide you now what hope is there for tomorrow?


  • The surname "Goodall" may be a reference to primatologist Jane Goodall, as Robin Goodall is a zoologist.