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Non-Essential Systems Maintenance Chief Ryley Robinson is the protagonist of Subnautica. He is one of the survivors, and later the sole survivor, that survived the impact of the Aurora by escaping into Lifepod 5. 

Ryley will not serve as the protagonist in Below Zero, the role of protagonist being taken instead by Robin Goodall.


He is a young-adult male human with light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and dark hair styled in a fauxhawk with dyed light turquoise streaks. He has a long face and pronounced features. By using in game scale to measure Ryley's height, he has been found to be approximately 168cm (5'5").


Ryley is never heard speaking, but can be heard gasping for air if he stays underwater for too long, when he is jumping, or letting out shrieks of pain if he is attacked. He can be heard grunting when escaping the Aurora in Lifepod 5, and coughing when putting out the fire inside Lifepod 5 or the Cyclops.


Almost nothing is known about Ryley's life before the crash of the Aurora, however, he was a member of the Alterra Corporation, as Non-Essential Systems Maintenance Chief, and was on board the Aurora prior to the crash.


Ryley is seen boarding and launching Lifepod 5 during the descent of the Aurora. After being knocked out by a loose panel, Ryley then proceeds to put out a fire inside the lifepod using a Fire Extinguisher. Afterwards, he activates his PDA, and the user is able to take full control of him.


  • During a conversation with Scott "Obraxis" MacDonald, he stated that Ryley "just likes hair gel".[1]
    • Furthermore, he has jokingly referred to Ryley as a janitor.[2]