The Rock Puncher is a large, defensive species of Fauna.


The Rock Puncher has a bulky, armoured body. It has six articulated feet and two arms at the front. The head shows four, orange eyes at the front and and a pair of mandibles directly underneath. Its body ends in a small, short, shrimp-like tail.

Attached to the arms are two large club-like extremities, presumably used to deliver powerful strikes against hard objects.

The Rock Puncher's underside is gray with a green shade while its back is yellow with red patterns. Its arms and legs also share the similar patterns, with their tips being dark brown in color.


Rock Punchers are slow moving, defensive crustacean-like creatures. They move along the sea floor until approached by an enemy. At such a time, they will react by punching whatever threatens them, including the player. They have a fairly high tolerance and will not attack the player until they are directly in their way. They can be distracted by Rockgrubs, which are their main prey item.

Despite its relatively small size in comparison to many predators, being dwarfed by Bonesharks, the Rock Punchers' phenomenal strength and tough exoskeleton protect it from all mid-sized predators, leaving it vulnerable only to predators in the Leviathan class.

Data Bank Entry

Rockpuncher Ency

A large crustacean which feeds on tiny larvae excavated from coral and rock with its powerful punching arms.

  • Attracted to glow larvae found in and around deepsea rock formations.
  • Hardened chitin claws can thrust forward at close to the speed of sound to break rock and bone alike
  • Known to attack larger creatures which threaten its territory
  • Perfectly adapted to cave environments, its six legs adhere to walls, and can propel it short distances through the water
  • Heavily armored, vulnerable to only leviathan class predators

Assessment: Avoid or redirect with food


The Rock Puncher is heavily inspired by crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda, the mantis shrimps. Some members of the group possess club-like claws that are used to deliver extremely powerful blows to their prey. The Rock Puncher is essentially a scaled up mantis shrimp.



  • The Rock Puncher's design is most likely based on the mantis shrimp.
  • Early animations for the Rock Puncher can be found here.
  • Gamefiles refer to the Rockgrub as "Rock Puncher Larva" but an early Trello card refers to them as "RockPuncher Food". [1]
  • The Rock Puncher was originally planned for Subnautica, but was later cut and repurposed for Below Zero.


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