I used to have a pet baawaal. I called him Ketchup. Don't make me name you too.

― Robin Goodall to Al-An.


Robin Goodall is the protagonist of Below Zero.

Robin is a zoologist and xeno-linguist, and part of a research team sent to Planet 4546B to investigate the planet from a research outpost called The Vesper that sits in geosynchronous orbit high above the planet. Robin’s sister, Sam Goodall works on board the Vesper and is Robin’s main contact to the Vesper.


Robin Goodall is a relatively tall woman, around 5'8" - 5'9" (174cm) with a slender build, narrow shoulders, a narrow nose, dark skin and brown eyes.

Robin’s hair is dark brown and worn tied back in a long ponytail. A blue-dyed streak is present on the left side of her hair, continuing into the ponytail.


Compared to Sam, Robin is much more friendly, thoughtful, and relaxed. She on multiple occasions tells Sam and asks her to act like they've met before, despite Sam wanting to continue the mission as professionally as possible.

Early Life

According to Alterra, Robin was the second daughter of an unnamed single mother, and was raised by her along with her sister Sam, who is eleven years older than she was. Robin was home schooled, and had a pet baawaal named Ketchup, and developed an extensive interest in alien life.

Events of Below Zero

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Her mother

Due to the fact that Robin was raised solely by her mother, it can be assumed they had a positive relationship.

Sam Goodall

Her older sister, Robin very clearly cares for Sam, often being much more relaxed around her compared to other people, despite their conflicting personalities. Robin also frequently jokes around with her and tells her she loves her, affirming a strong sibling-bond. Though she is not above lying to her, as she lied to Sam to keep Al-An's existence a secret.

Jo Jeffreys

Prior to Jo Jeffreys' disappearance it can be assumed that Robin and Jo had a friendly relationship, as evidenced by Robin's joking remarks towards Jeffreys when he is found.


Al-An and Robin seem to be a on somewhat positive terms, though Robin was displeased with Al-An forcing himself into Robin's cerebral cortex. Though she does seem to like him enough to name him, and is fully willing to construct him a new body. Robin even goes as far to lie to Sam to keep his existence a secret.

Marguerit Maida

Robin and Marguerit have an estranged relationship. While Robin does not seem to harbor ill feelings towards Marguerit, the latter immediately distrusts both Robin and Al-An, and treats Robin rather poorly.


While Maxim and Robin barely interact within the game, Maxim does not seem to particularly care for Robin, instead he appears infuriated that Robin is not following the mission protocols.

Data Bank Entries

Alterra Contractor Profile: Robin Goodall

Name: Robin Goodall
Age: 37
Job Function: Xeno-Linguist
Assignment: Vesper Ground Crew (Zero Sector), 4546B
Family: Mother (Deceased); Sibling (Sam Goodall, Alterra Management)

Background: Born to a single mother employed by Alterra on City-Station 749. Family relocated to Auwell, an independent planetary research colony, when Goodall was 5 years old. One of just fifteen children in the colony, she was home-schooled from then on. Lacking Alterra's protective infrastructure, Auwell colonists were frequently exposed to local alien life, and Goodall developed an interest. When the colony was shut down following an accident which led to the death of her mother, she took a job on the most alien world available, and has not changed course since.

Previous Employment:
Mongolian Independent States Xeno Prospecting, Scott III (3 years)
Alterra Xeno Research Division, Strader VI (3 years)
Gaia Corp Xeno Research Division, Strader VI (13 years)

Psych Assessment:
- Motivated by the work. Unlikely to respond to financial incentive. Ensure contractor understands their reasons and employer's are in harmony.
- Summary: Introverted. Intuitive. Thoughtful. Perceptive.

Blueprint License

Name: Robin Goodall Assignment: Xeno-Linguistics Contractor, Vesper Ground Personnel - Zero Sector, 4546B, Ariadne Arm

Blueprint Licenses:
- Tools (Basic Only)
- Habitats (Basic Only)
- Weapons (Survival Knife Only)
- Vehicles (None)

Costs incurred by the fabrication of unlicensed devices will be reclaimed from payroll.

Robin Goodall - Alterra Application Interview
INTERVIEWER: Why have you applied for this role?

ROBIN: Everyone's talking about 4546B. Who hasn't applied?! Maybe Jeffreys.

INTERVIEWER: No, Jeffreys signed on last week. Why THIS assignment?

ROBIN: The last time we found sentient alien life was Strader VI. Seventeen years ago. It's been fun, but frankly I'm bored, and you have telepathic squid.

INTERVIEWER: I should tell you that rumors about space-faring aliens on the planet ARE rumors. If that's why you're here you'll be disappointed.

ROBIN: I'm a xeno-linguist. Space-faring aliens are our holy grail. I want it, but I don't expect to get it.

INTERVIEWER: What qualifies you for this position?

ROBIN: There are creatures out there you couldn't imagine, let alone understand. Do you know how I talk to them?

INTERVIEWER: I think you correlate responses against stimuli and-

ROBIN: I do what they do. If they bathe in liquid nitrogen and talk with their feet, I put on a coat and I pull a handstand. But this recruitment process? It's most alien of all. So I'm trying to correlate my responses here. I want us to understand each other. Put me on that planet. I'll talk with the fish for you.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you, Miss Goodall. Sandra - Sandra?! - Sandra will show you out. Sandra?!

Goodall Family, Archived Voicelog Pt.1

*Alien chirping*

YOUNG ROBIN: PDA, describe auwellian toadworm hibernation behaviour.

PDA: Auwellian toadworms are an endangered species which hibernates most of the year in leaf-filled burrows. If disturbed they emit a characteristic chirping sound, and should be returned to a warm, enclosed environment as soon as possible.

YOUNG ROBIN: A warm, enclosed environment... *Gasp*

*Sound of Robin running off. The chirping goes with her until they are out of earshot.*

*Sound of Robin returning*

YOUNG SAM: *Screams*

*Alien chirping louder this time*

YOUNG SAM: What did you do?!


YOUNG SAM: What is that thing?!

YOUNG ROBIN: An auwellian toadworm.

YOUNG SAM: You put it in my bed!

YOUNG ROBIN: I didn't!

YOUNG SAM: Why would you- What is this stuff?! It's in my hair!

YOUNG ROBIN: Be careful! It needs the slime to hibernate! It's endangered!

YOUNG SAM: They can just make more!

YOUNG ROBIN: So what?!

YOUNG SAM: I'm telling mom!


Goodall Family, Archived Voicelog Pt.2
YOUNG SAM: I'm telling mom!


MOM: What happened?!

YOUNG SAM: She put a disgusting alien slug in my bed!

YOUNG ROBIN: It's a toadworm! It's friendly!

MOM: Slow down. Robin, why would there be a toadworm in Samantha's bed?

YOUNG ROBIN: Because it's warm and enclosed.

YOUNG SAM: Then why MY bed?!

YOUNG ROBIN: It was closer!

YOUNG SAM: She's lying!

MOM: Robin, how do you think it makes Samantha feel to have toadworm gunk in her bed?

YOUNG ROBIN: She looks angry.

MOM: Why would she be angry?

YOUNG ROBIN: Because it smells bad. And her hair looks stupid.


MOM: Girls, listen to me. One day you're going to find yourselves on opposite sides of a bigger fight than this. And people will try to tell you it's deadly important that your side wins. If you let this divide you now what hope is there for tomorrow?



  • Robin's employment interview and previous places of work suggest that she was amongst those researching "The Hivemind of Strader VI"
  • The surname "Goodall" may be a reference to primatologist Jane Goodall, as Robin is a zoologist.
  • Her first name may be a nod to Ryley's surname, Robinson.
  • The model used for Robin Goodall was originally created for use in the first Subnautica but was never used.