Research Base Zero is the primary Seabase utilized by the ground research crew of the Vesper. It serves as the home of Robin Goodall, and as such, it is where the story begins.


Research Base Zero is a large installation composed of both standard Seabase parts, as well as specialized parts made only for the base. These specialized parts include rectangular rooms similar to, but much larger than the Moonpool, as well as a series of stairs used to reach ground level. Multipurpose Rooms are used to create the bedrooms of each crew member.


The story begins inside Research Base Zero with Robin waking up to the sound of their alarm clock going off, signalling the start of their work day. The story will direct the player to Alien Research Site Zero, and upon returning, will be faced with an avalanche as a result of violent weather. The base will be overtaken by snow, and will no longer be accessible for the remainder of the game.[1]




  • Several unused props from the original Subnautica will be used to decorate Research Base Zero, such as the Specimen Analyzer and Hydroponic Tower.[2]