This article is about Repulsion Cannon in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Repulsion Cannon.
This article is about the Repulsion Cannon. You may be looking for the Propulsion Cannon or the Prawn Suit Upgrade.

The Repulsion Cannon is a tool and a sidegrade to the Propulsion Cannon that can be crafted at the Modification Station. While the Repulsion Cannon cannot pick up items like the Propulsion Cannon can, it pushes objects away with much more force and for a longer distance than the Propulsion Cannon can.

The Repulsion Cannon can be used to repel aggressive fauna, including extremely large creatures. Another use is to push debris.


The Repulsion Cannon is powered by a Battery or Ion Battery. Each shot uses 4 units of its Battery's energy. Its Battery can be replaced by pressing R. The Swim Charge Fins can also be used to recharge its Battery.


The blueprint for this item is acquired from Sea Monkey Nests. It is crafted in the Modification Station.

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Databank Entry

Repulsion Cannon

The repulsion cannon is a modification of the base propulsion cannon which enhances its propulsion effect at the cost of the ability to draw objects closer. It can be fabricated using a modification station, and is commonly employed in self-defense, and as a less-than-lethal firearm.

Source: TBA
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