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Lilypad Islands is a biome that appears in Subnautica: Below Zero.

It borders the Tree Spires, Purple Vents, and the Arctic.


The Lilypad Islands are large chunks of rock and soil suspended underwater by the buoyancy of the giant Lilypads floating on the surface, with the younger lilypads flourishing among other life forms closer to the seafloor. The decaying husks of gigantic, long-dead lilypads can be found on the seabed as well. Resources like Quartz and Limestone Outcrops can be found scattered in the biome.

In the center of the area, a huge chunk of earth is suspended by many Lily-pads growing on its surface. The crevice created around the edges of this forms the opening to a cavern underneath. Research Base Omega is also located inside of this floating rock.

A minor cave, closer to the seabed, contains an Architect Fish Trap, a series of cylindrical transparent containers designed to capture fish for study. Another artifact that can be found here is the Ground Sampler, which is a large machine presumably used for geological research of some kind. It is located at the east border. The bow section of the human spacecraft Mercury II is also found in this biome.


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