Spoiler The subject of this article is not yet in Subnautica: Below Zero.

The contents of this article are not currently in Survival or Freedom naturally but may be available through Creative or Console Commands.

The Lily Paddler is a fauna species will appear in Subnautica: Below Zero.


The Lily Paddler is rather flamboyant in appearance, decorated with several colorful fins and bright colors. It is large in size and has a predominantly blue body accented with purple and beige. A long, beige crest runs down the middle of the head, protruding slightly above the surface of the head and dividing the head into two clear halves. The head is flattened and almost octagonal in shape. Two pairs of green stalks protrude from either side of the head and are tipped with spherical orange eyes with darker orange sclerae. On the underside of the head an external mouth structure composed of two black mandibles can be seen.

A pair of long stalks are attached to the upper half of the head. Each having three pink leaf-shaped structures at the top and a smaller green leaf at the base, with three additional pairs appearing on the tail portion of the body. The main section of the body has a large hump, of which the top is beige and has two large black stalks dotted with bright white spots and splitting into four long, striated fins each bearing a bright orange spot with a dark circle in the middle.

The underside of the body features two long arms ending with small claws, seemingly capable of grasping objects and bringing them to the mouthparts, but ill-suited for defence. The body ends with a slender tail, terminating in a broad, pale-green tail fin.

Data Bank Entry

Lilly Paddler Ency

A medium-sized herbivore with an elongated, bifurcated torso, and multiple bioluminescent adornments.

  • Slow and vulnerable to attack
  • Long arms for seed foraging on the ocean floor
  • An array of feather-like appendages display varied colors in low-light conditions
  • At night the paddler's illuminated plumage looks like a school of smaller fish, perhaps convincing predators they're not worth the chase

Assessment: Harmless


The Lily Paddler's design draws on many aspects of the real-life fish the leafy seadragon, though unlike the leafy seadragon it appears far more focused on display over camouflage. The claws are very similar to those of many small decapod crustaceans.