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This article is about the Juvenile Ventgarden. You may be looking for the Ventgarden.

The Juvenile Ventgarden is a leviathan class fauna species found in the Tree Spires. It is the juvenile form of the Ventgarden. Unlike its larger counterpart, it is not stationary or anchored.


Although the Juvenile Ventgarden looks similar to its bigger counterpart, it has some differences. It is far smaller, and cannot be entered through the bottom opening. While it still contains the platforms within its membrane, the creature has no sand accumulation on them, nor any flora within. It also lacks the branching red structures that anchor the adult Ventgardens' tentacles to the floor.  Instead, its tentacles move in a swaying motion.


Unlike adult Ventgarden specimens, Juvenile Ventgardens are free-swimming rather than anchored in one location. They can be found drifting around the Tree Spires in small groups.

Databank Entry

Swimming Vent Garden
Source: Scan Juvenile Ventgardens


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