The Jukebox is an Interior Module that is in Below Zero. It allows the player to play music in their Seabase. Music can only be heard near the Jukebox, but can be carried to other parts of a seabase with the use of Speakers.

A Jukebox can also be found inside of the Sea Truck Sleeper Module.


When built, one can insert music from their PC into the files of Below Zero, which in turn allows the Jukebox to play the applied music whenever the player desires.

Windows: C:\Users\yourname\Music\Unknown Worlds\Subnautica

OSX: Users/yourname/Music/Unknown Worlds/Subnautica

Only files that use the .mp3, .ogg, .wav, or .flac formats are supported. The game must be restarted for the Jukebox to recognize the files.

In addition to music the player manually adds to the Jukebox, there are Jukebox Disks located around the world that will unlock music tracks for the Jukebox. See the page for more information.


  • JukeboxIconShuffle-resources.assets-5208 Randomly selects from music tracks
  • JukeboxIconPrevious-resources.assets-3473 Goes to the previously played music track
  • JukeboxIconPause-resources.assets-4730 Pauses the current track
  • JukeboxIconStop-resources.assets-3683 Stops all music
  • JukeboxIconNext-resources.assets-4449 Plays the next track
  • JukeboxRepeat-resources.assets-2630 Loops the currently playing track
  • Bottom Bar: Controls the volume of the music
  • Top Bar: Shows what time the track is at
  • JukeboxUpdate-resources.assets-4840 Refreshes the music playlist, and adds/removes any songs that have been added/missing to the folder


The blueprint for this object can be acquired by scanning the Jukebox in the Rocket Island Base. It is crafted with the Habitat Builder.

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Data Bank EntryEdit

Jukebox Ency

Listen to soothing tunes by Alterra's best musical artists while you work.

Source: TBA

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