Jo Jeffreys is the colleague of Robin Goodall, with both of them working from Research Base Zero.

At the beginning of the game, Jeffreys appears to have gone missing and Sam Goodall communicates with Robin by asking her to find Jeffreys.


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Early Life

Nothing is known of Jeffrey's past before Below Zero, though he was hired before Robin, and strangely disappeared before the start of the game.

Events of Below Zero

He is mentioned briefly by Sam Goodall, who asks Robin to find him.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Jeffreys is later found 50 kilometres away from Sector Zero, claiming a Warper transported him there. It is likely this is a lie, as Jeffreys' log found in Research Base Cappa suggests that he was aware of Al-An's existence and had accessed Sanctuary Zero before, going onto say that he was heading South to further investigate, operating outside of the knowledge of Vesper Station.

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Robin Goodall

Jo and Robin seem to be good friends, as Robin was concerned for his well being when he disappeared.

Sam Goodall

While they do not interact much within the game, Sam does appear to care somewhat for him, evidenced when he was found by Robin and Al-An.


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"SAM: Robin, they found Jeffreys, they're returning him to the Vesper now.

ROBIN: No kidding.

SAM: He wants to speak to you.

*Open Transmission*

JEFFREYS: Goodall?

ROBIN: Jeff! What happened?

JEFFREYS: I was on patrol of the research sites.

A warper came for me. Teleported me to the next sector.

SAM: The warpers only ever attacked infected targets before.

JEFFREYS: I've been scanned. I'm not infected.

SAM: How were you separated from your GPS tracker?

JEFFREYS: An ice worm chased me up to the cargo platform. My suit got ripped.

SAM: The CEO wants to see you in his office the moment you're back onboard.

ROBIN: Don't let him bully you, Jeff.

JEFFREYS: I'll call you later.

Databank Entries

Jeffreys' Log

Operation week 12, 4546B.

Operation schedule delayed but not compromised by external factors.

Gained access to sanctuary, but unknown third party has already removed the target.

Vesper is not yet aware. Whoever is in possession is acting for themselves.

Heading south out of zero sector to continue investigations.

Source: PDA in Research Base Cappa