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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica: Below Zero. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

This article is about Hoopfish in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Hoopfish.
This article is about the Hoopfish. You may be looking for the Spinefish.

The Hoopfish is a common, passive fauna species that can be found in many biomes.

The Hoopfish is fairly easy to catch, as it doesn't retreat upon being approached by the player, and is easily recognized due to its bright bioluminescent glows.


The Hoopfish has a slim build, featuring a dark violet colored body that gradually transitions into blue towards the head, which has a bright neon green color. It has two green eyes, a small dorsal fin and a purple caudal fin that wraps around its end.

The Hoopfish's most distinct feature is the bright green bioluminescent antennae extending from the top and bottom of its head and bends around its tail forming a hoop.


The Hoopfish is a rather slow swimmer, and is mostly seen forming shoals in various biomes. It would often try to flee if approached by the player.

Uses in Crafting

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Data Bank Entry


Small, school-mentality prey fish with a unique method of propulsion, and a distant relative of the bladderfish.

1. Antennae:
Rather than swimming, this lifeform uses the fine green antennae which encircle its body to alter the composition of the water in front of it, allowing it to 'sail' into the low density space created.

2. Purple/Green Coloration:
May be a camouflage adaptation for mid-range light wavelengths, possibly indicating the hoopfish is more active at dawn and dusk.

3. Behavior:
While schools of hoopfish will form periodically and evade predators en masse, this behavior is more social than it is defensive, and lone hoopfish are often found hunting for food and displaying generally curious behavior.

Assessment: Edible

Source: Scan Hoopfish



  • Judging by the tooltip for Cooked Hoopfish, their antennae are likely poisonous (or at least not very tasty).
  • The Hoopfish has audio in Subnautica: Below Zero, something it lacked in the original Subnautica.[1]



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