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The plant life found on Planet 4546B varies greatly in size and appearance. Although most flora are passive, there are certain exceptions which act as hazards to the player, dealing damage to them on contact or within a certain radius. Some can be harvested, picked, or farmed. Some can also serve as a Food & Water source.



Flora Locations
Creepvine Flora
Chinese Potato Plant Flora
Chinese Potato Plant
Gel Sack Flora
Gel Sack
Heat Fruit Tree Flora
Heat Fruit Tree
Marblemelon Plant Flora
Marblemelon Plant
Sulfur Plant Flora
Sulfur Plant


Flora Locations
Glow Flower Flora
Glow Flower
Leafy Fruit Plant Flora
Leafy Fruit Plant
Snow Plant Flora
Snow Plant


Flora Locations
Armored Plant Flora
Armored Plant


Blue Fur Plant Flora
Blue Fur Plant
Bowl Plant Flora
Bowl Plant
Bulb Stalk Plant Flora
Bulb Stalk Plant
Cage Plant Flora
Cage Plant


Cave Bush Relative Flora
Cave Bush Relative
Cave Flower Flora
Cave Flower
Crystal Plant Flora
Crystal Plant
Curl Plant Flora
Curl Plant
Double Shell Plant Flora
Double Shell Plant
Frosted Leaves Plant Flora
Frosted Leaves Plant


Ice Fruit Plant Flora
Ice Fruit Plant
Kelp Root Flora
Kelp Root
Loop Plant Flora
Loop Plant
Oxygen Plant Flora
Oxygen Plant
Redwort Flora
Redwort Relative Flora
Redwort Relative
Ribbon Plant Flora
Ribbon Plant
Single Shell Plant Flora
Single Shell Plant
Spine Plant Flora
Spine Plant


Spiral Plant Flora
Spiral Plant


Spotted Dockleaf Flora
Spotted Dockleaf
Twisty Bridges Large Plant Flora
Twisty Bridges Large Plant
Twisty Bridges Mushroom Flora
Twisty Bridges Mushroom
Violet Beau Flora
Violet Beau
Violet Beau Relative Flora
Violet Beau Relative

Uncategorized Flora

Flora Locations
Blue Barnacles Flora
Blue Barnacles
Bubble Mushroom Flora
Bubble Mushroom
Cave Plant Flora
Cave Plant
Cliff Lantern Flora
Cliff Lantern
Cliff Plant Flora
Cliff Plant
Deep Lily Pad Mushroom
Frozen River Plant 01 Flora
Frozen River Plant 01
Frozen River Plant 02 Flora
Frozen River Plant 02
Honey Comb Plant Flora
Honey Comb Plant
Lilypad Flora
Mace Plant Flora
Mace Plant
Mohawk Plant Flora
Mohawk Plant
Small Maroon Flower Flora
Small Maroon Flower
Spotted Reeds Relative Flora
Spotted Reeds Relative
Tall Cyan Flower Flora
Tall Cyan Flower
Tall Cyan Flower Orange Flora
Tall Cyan Flower Orange
Tall Shoots Flora
Tall Shoots
Tape Plant Flora
Tape Plant
Tentacle Plant Flora
Tentacle Plant
Thermal Lily Flora
Thermal Lily
Thermal Zone Barnacle Flora
Thermal Zone Barnacle
Tongue Plant Flora
Tongue Plant
Tornado Plant Flora
Tornado Plant
Triangle Plant Flora
Triangle Plant
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