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The Discus Fish is a passive fauna species.


The Discus Fish has a cylindrical main body with a pair of flattened, roughly semicircular structures projecting from the dorsal and ventral sides of the body. The skin and flesh appears to be entirely transparent, with green colour provided in some places by symbiotic algae-like organisms living within specialised body cavities. A little behind the singular orange eye is an oval-shaped opening that allows water to pass over the gills.

The body ends with a pair of transparent cerci, from the bases of which grow a pair of orange photophores encased in a layer of transparent flesh.

Databank Entry

Discus Fish
Discus Fish frame
Source: Scan Discus Fish


The symbiotic algae of the Discus Fish is likely inspired by the golden jellyfish of Jellyfish Lake, Eil Malk island. These jellyfish also have algae living within their bodies which help to sustain them.

The two cerci on the end of the body are inspired by those of real arthropods.


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  • There is a real fish called Discus that shares a similar shape to the Discus Fish.

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