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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica: Below Zero. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

This page serves to chronicle any significant content that was cut from the final version of Subnautica: Below Zero.


Deep Arctic

The Deep Arctic was the entrance to the Methane Ice Caves Biome, and was surrounded entirely by the Arctic biome. It was going to be the original home for the cut Ice Dragon Leviathan. Not much was known about the biome before it was cut. The Deep Arctic was removed in build 15728 after the 2019 summer developer retreat, and everything below 500 meters in the biome (including the Methane Ice Caves) was completely filled in with terrain.[1]


The Fissure was a small unfinished transitional biome that connected the Purple Vents with the old Crystal Caves. Not much was known about the biome before it was removed. The Biome and the original Crystal Caves were removed in build 15728 after the 2019 summer developer retreat.

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Frozen River

The Frozen River, as the name suggests, was a narrow chasm which a frozen river ran through. Prior to the Frostbite Update, the river was a part of the old story's intro, where Robin Ayou would cross through the biome as meteors rained from above. The biome is still in the game, but is inaccessible through normal play.

Hoverzone 3

Hoverzone 3 was an unfinished surface biome that served as the way back to the Architect Gate Base during the game's final act. It was connected to the Fabricator Caverns. It was cut after the story no longer required that the player be kept from accessing the base. The area has been removed entirely from the world as of build 32522.

Ice Sheet

The Ice Sheet was an unfinished surface biome that used to be a one-way route leading to the Arctic Kelp Forest from the Arctic Spires. The area where the biome used to reside has been filled with terrain, however, the biome ID is still in the game.

Leviathan Trench

The Leviathan Trench was a biome listed on the developer Favro during early development. It was eventually cut for unknown reasons.

Methane Ice Caves

The Methane Ice Caves would have been the deepest biome in the game at roughly 900m deep. Before it was cut, it contained the earliest iteration of Marguerit Maida's Base, at the time a placeholder copy of Research Base Cappa. Though the biome ID is still in the game, the area was cut for unknown reasons. The Methane Ice Caves was one of the first biomes teased with concept art. The Biome was removed in build 15728 after the 2019 summer developer retreat.[1]

Rocket Area Shelf

The Rocket Area Shelf was the pre-release location of the Exchanger Rocket. As evidenced by the leftover biome id, it was located near a cave in the Ice Sheet called the Rocket Cave. For progression reasons[2], the area was cut a month before release[3] and replaced with Delta Island.


Maxim Plenty

Maxim Plenty was a character serving as the Director of the 4546b Vesper Mission. In the story prior to the Frostbite update, he briefly interrogates Robin Goodall on the unusual biometrics recorded from her biosample that she sent up in the Exchanger Rocket. In the Deep Dive iteration of the story, Maxim interrogates Jevov, ordering him to deactivate the planetary shield, and proceeds to put Sam under arrest.

Serik Jevov

Serik Jevov was the main antagonist of the story prior to the Frostbite Update, Jevov served as a contractor working for Alterra, alongside Robin Goodall. During the game’s old introduction, he awakens Al-An and escapes into an Alterra Shuttle only to survive crash-landing in the Glacial Basin. At some point in the story, Jevov would contact Robin on an unmonitored channel informing that he could provide her information regarding her conflict with Al-An residing in her head shortly before cutting off. Sometime after acquiring Jevov’s PDA, the Vesper finds him in the next sector, and alongside Robin is ordered to return to the Vesper as soon as a ship was made available. Shortly after Robin sends the Enzyme 42 sample in the Exchanger Rocket up to the Vesper Station, Jevov activates the planetary shield, intentionally destroying the rocket in the process. It is then revealed that he had released Khaara onto the station and threatened its members on board to relocate the Vesper to the nearest star system to receive a cure from his colleagues, in order to capture Al-An for himself.

Prior to the Deep Dive update, he was originally named Jo Jeffreys.



Dragonfly Fauna

The Dragonfly was a flight-capable species that was originally planned for Subnautica to appear alongside the Skyray. The Dragonfly was cut when the developers decided that adding more fauna in Subnautica: Below Zero was unnecessary.

Hover Lizard

Hover Lizard Fauna

The Hover Lizard was a Fauna planned as a small land creature in the Glacial Basin.[4] It was created by a member of Fox3D entertainment as a side project, never having been requested or planned by the developers it was added to the dev Favro as a cut candidate. Eventually, the creature was found to have too little gameplay value to warrant working on and it was cut. Its model used to be viewable on Sketchfab, but it has recently been disabled.

Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon Fauna

The Ice Dragon was a leviathan class predator designed by Alex Ries.

It remained as a cut candidate for some time on the Favro, before being cut soon after the summer 2019 developer retreat due to its home biome also being cut.[5]

Kitewing Skyray


The Kitewing Skyray was an aerial predator species created by Alex Ries. The Kitewing Skyray was cut when the developers decided adding more fauna in Subnautica: Below Zero was unnecessary.

Sea Emperor Leviathan

This article is about Cut Content in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Sea Emperor Leviathan.

The Sea Emperor Leviathan was a leviathan class fauna. A group could be found in the Arctic when the player needed to send up the enzyme in the Exchanger Rocket. Initially, they spawned in the Lilypad Islands. They was cut because of the new Story.


This article is about Cut Content in Below Zero. For the related article on the Subnautica Wiki, see Peeper.

The Peeper was a herbivorous fauna. They could be found in the Thermal Spires.


Deep Arctic Resource

The Deep Arctic Resource was used as a placeholder for potential resources in the Deep Arctic Biome. Because the Deep Arctic was scrapped, the Deep Arctic Resource was also cut.

Reinforced Glass

Reinforced Glass was a material that applied to Fabrication of the Prawn Suit.


1x1 default bg
Fabricator Icon
Item Arrow
Quartz Icon
Diamond Icon

Item Arrow
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Unknown Icon


Exchanger Rocket

The Exchanger Rocket was a structure located at the top of Rocket Island. It was a large platform hosting a rocket that was used to send item up to Vesper Station. The rocket originally had to be repaired with a Repair Tool before it could be launched, and required two Titanium to create another rocket after being launched.

It and all of the mission items that could be placed in it were cut due to a story change and replaced with the Communications Tower.

Methane Ice Caves Cache

The Methane Ice Caves Cache was an Architect cache located in the Methane Ice Caves. It originally contained the arm fragment of Al-An's Vessel. This cache was the deepest Architect structure in the game at a depth of roughly 880 meters.

When the Methane Ice Caves were cut, the Arms component was moved to the Deep Lilypads Cave Cache.

Research Base Cappa

Research Base Cappa was an Alterra Corporation research base located in the Lilypad Islands at a depth of 135m. The Colleague PDA could be found on a desk near a base hatch. The base was originally implemented on top of the big rock in the center of the Lilypad Islands, but was later moved to be within the rock before being renamed (see below).

Old Research Base Omega

Research Base Omega was an Alterra Corporation research base located in the Thermal Spires at a depth of 60m. The Outpost Omega Research Notes was originally found stuck under a desk in this location. The base was never added back, but Research Base Cappa was renamed to Research Base Omega, then to Outpost Omega, and then to Omega Lab.


Medical Kit Fabricator

The Medical Kit Fabricator was an Interior Module that could create First Aid Kits. It would produce one First Aid Kit every thirty minutes and would repeat the process once the player collects a finished kit. Though the blueprint is not obtainable through normal gameplay[6], it can be unlocked via the command (unlock medicalcabinet). Medical Kit Fabricators can be found in Omega Lab and Marguerit Maida's Base, however, they are unscannable.


1x1 default bg
Habitat Builder Icon
Item Arrow
Computer Chip Icon
Fiber Mesh Icon
Silver Ore Icon
Titanium Icon
Item Arrow
1x1 default bg
Medical Kit Fabricator Icon

Mini Moonpool

The Mini Moonpool was a planned module.[7] Other than being a smaller-sized Moonpool, nothing is known about it, and it was cut before being brought into the game in any way.


The Phasegate was a buildable Interior Module that allowed the player to teleport between two built Phasegates. It used a model from another game called Natural Selection 2. It was located on the favro as a cut candidate before being eventually cut for unknown reasons. Before being cut, its recipe was 2x Titanium and 2x Ion Cubes in the Habitat Builder. It can be added to the PDA blueprints menu using the command unlock phasegate but can no longer be built, and has an empty encyclopedia entry available through the command ency phasegate.

Recharge Platform

Desktop Screenshot 2019.02.03 -

Active recharge platform

The Recharge Platform was an external Base Piece that shared the Foundation model and appeared to recharge vehicles. It was scrapped for unknown reasons but was probably cut due to being redundant with the Moonpool. It is still craftable using the unlock baserechargeplatform and is built from the Habitat Builder using one Titanium.

Staircases & Walkways

At some point in development, staircases and walkways like the ones seen at Outpost Zero were planned to be added to the Habitat Builder.[8][9] For unknown reasons, most likely due to their complexity and limited utility, both base parts were cut, and are only found as part of pre-built bases. As of Stranger Pings, wall-mounted Hatches built on bases above water will automatically form stairs to the ground.

Weather Station

Weather balloon icon

Weather balloon icon

The Weather Station was a buildable room that would likely have allowed the player to predict incoming weather events, such as snow or rain. The Weather Station came equipped with a Weather Balloon, which the player may have used as a primary function of the room. Ultimately, the station was scrapped[10]. Three components of the Weather Station are spawnable using in game commands: Weather Station (item weatherstation), Weather Panel (item weatherpanel), and Weather Balloon (item weatherballoon).


Alan's Vessel (Old)

In earlier versions of the story, Al-An's Vessel was originally composed of four different components: the Head, the Arms, the Legs, and the Power Source. None of these parts recieved final models and instead used Alien Relics from the original Subnautica as placeholders.



The Arm component was originally found in the Methane Ice Caves Cache, and was moved to the Deep Lilypads Cave Cache after the methane ice caves were cut. It used the model of the Alien Rifle as its placeholder.

This component eventually became replaced by the Tissue component in the current version of the story.



The Head component was originally found in the Arctic Spires Cache. It used the model of the Doomsday Device as its placeholder.

This component eventually became replaced by the Skeleton component in the current version of the story.



The Leg component was originally found at a small outpost in the Tree Spires made by Marguerit Maida. It was likely that the legs were stolen from the Fabricator Base in the old story. It used the model of the Alien Building Block as its placeholder.

Unlike the other three components, this component has yet to receive a counterpart in the current version of the story.

Power Source


The Power Source component was originally found in the Crystal Caves Cache. It used the model of the Tracking Implant as its placeholder.

This component was eventually replaced by the Organs in the current version of the story.

Alterra All-Environment Protection Suit

Robin Goodall

Robin Ayou equipped with Alterra's All-Environment Protection Suit

The Alterra All-Environment Protection Suit was originally the suit that Robin Ayou wore before her role was changed from an Alterra Contractor to a Xenoworker in the new story.

Alterra Shuttle

The Alterra Shuttle was a vehicle found on a platform near Outpost Zero. While Robin made her way back to Research Base Zero, the shuttle could be seen taking off. Robin would later find out that Serik Jevov piloted the shuttle and crash-landed in the Glacial Basin. The player could find the crashed Alterra Shuttle on a platform near the Snowfox Base.

Prior to the Deep Dive Update, a Neptune Escape Rocket model was used as a placeholder for the shuttle. The shuttle did not take off at this point in development, and was simply buried along with the rest of the base.

Colleague PDA

The Colleague PDA in Serik's Bunker was originally an item that Robin would pick up and send to the Vesper via the Exchanger Rocket. It was later changed to an interactive object that would be transmitted directly to the Vesper upon pickup. The item can still be spawned using the command item colleaguepda1.

Concentrated Enzyme 42

The Concentrated Enzyme 42 was originally a story item acquired from the Sea Emperor Leviathan. Later in the story, Sam would request Robin to send up a sample of Enzyme 42 because their supplies deteriorated overnight. Shortly after Robin sent up the enzyme in the Exchanger Rocket, it would collide with the planetary shield activated by Serik Jevov, and destroy the enzyme during the process.

Kharaa Sample

The Kharaa Sample was originally a story item that Robin would send up to the Vesper via the Exchanger Rocket. Initially, Robin could acquire the item by knifing a placeholder model of the Frozen Leviathan. Following the Ice Worm update, Robin would extract a Khaara Sample by using a machine to extract from a Kharaa Pustle on the Frozen Leviathan. The item can still be spawned using the command item kharaasample. It was cut because of the new story.

Old Alterra Communications Tower

The Old Alterra Communications Tower was originally an Alterra structure atop the Rocket Island. Robin needed to fix the tower to reestablish contact with the Vesper. Initially, it requested Purple Vent Salvage and Ship Wreck Salvage. After the release of the Deep Dive update, it requested an Advanced Wiring Kit and Ship Wreck Salvage. It was replaced by the Communications Tower between the Frostbite update and Salad Days update.

Outpost Omega Research Notes

The Outpost Omega Research Notes in Research Base Omega were originally an item that Robin would pick up and send to the Vesper via the Exchanger Rocket. They was later changed to an interactive object that would be transmitted directly to the Vesper upon pickup, before being removed entirely during the story update. The item can still be spawned using the command item alterraprecursorresearchnotes.

Purple Tablet

The Purple Tablet was an item that could be used to disable forcefields bound to terminals marked with the tablet's symbol. In Below Zero, the Purple Tablet could grant Robin access to a cache containing three Large Ion Cube Deposits. Prior to the Frostbite update, the tablet unlocked the Arctic Spires Cache instead. The Purple Tablet is featured and used frequently in Subnautica, and it was likely cut from Below Zero due to most forcefields unlocking upon approach as a result of Al-An's presence within Robin's head. The tablet can still be spawned via the command (item precursorkey_purple).

Eight fragments for the Purple Tablet could be found in the Arctic Spires.


1x1 default bg
Fabricator Icon
Item Arrow
Ion Cube Icon
Diamond Icon

Item Arrow
1x1 default bg
Purple Tablet Icon

Purple Vents Salvage

Purple Vents Salvage was an item that was required to repair the Alterra Communications Tower. The salvage was found in the Purple Vents among scattered debris, and later behind a panel in the third section of the Mercury II, requiring a Laser Cutter to access it. Eventually, it was removed for unknown reasons and the repair was changed to instead require an Advanced Wiring Kit until that was changed in a story overhaul.

The salvage is still spawnable using the command item rocketradiotowersalvage2.

Ship Wreck Salvage

Ship Wreck Salvage was a initially a companion item to Purple Vents Salvage and was also required to repair the Communications Tower. It was found in the engine room of the rear section of the Mercury II wreck, behind a panel that had to be cut open with a Laser Cutter. Later the Purple Vents Salvage was changed into a second Ship Wreck Salvage and the repair changed to require one Ship Wreck Salvage and an Advanced Wiring Kit: the duplicate had no other in-game function and simply provided an alternative way to acquire the item.

Both Ship Wreck Salvages were removed during the major story rewrite, later replaced with scanning Parallel Processing Units.

Supply Drop

Supply crate in game
Supply Drops were large crates deployed by Vesper Station following various milestones after Robin repaired Radio Tower 7. They would provide items helpful or necessary for progression. The Supply Drop mechanic was cut because of the new story, though the supply crate model itself is still used in-game as scenery.

Vesper Station

Vesper Station was an orbital station that was used for monitoring activity on 4546B and sending down Supply Drops. It was cut because of the new Story. After the release of the Frostbite update, it was repurposed as a satellite and can only be seen in the new story's introductory cutscene. It was referred to as the "Sentinel" between the Frostbite and Salad Days updates.

White Tablet

The White Tablet was a story item that was used to access the Architect Gate Base. Prior to the Ice Worm update, it was a placeholder Orange Tablet that could be acquired from the older incarnation of Marguerit Maida's Base located in the Methane Ice Caves. The White tablet is still spawnable via the command item precursorkey_white. The White Tablet was also planned for first Subnauica, but was removed(though it is still spawnable).



The Bioscanner was a story tool that Robin used to extract a biosample from her own body to send to the Vesper after Sam tells her that her biometrics are abnormal, which occurred immediately after resurfacing from Sanctuary Zero. The Bioscanner used the old Transfuser model and icon, and was cut due to storyline changes.

Deployable Drill

The Deployable Drill was a tool that could be used to break frozen resources out of large blocks of ice found on the land. The item was to be damageable by bad weather conditions. This item would have likely served a role in Act II of the Story. The Drill was cut being cited as Obsolete Tech along with various other items serving no game play use leftover from earlier versions.[11] The Drill item is still spawnable using the command item deployabledrill.

Remote Scanner

The Remote Scanner was a controllable tool.

Stasis Rifle

The Stasis Rifle was a tool that could be crafted with the Fabricator. It would occupy four slots in the player's inventory. When fired, the projectile would continue in a straight-forward line until it either hit a target or dissipated. Upon contact with a surface or creature, the projectile would turn into a Stasis Orb, the length of which depending on how much you charged the weapon.

The Stasis Rifle was originally included in Subnautica, and was planned to be included in Subnautica: Below Zero. However, due to development constraints, it was cut.

Its fragments could be found in Thermal Spires and Twisty Bridges.


1x1 default bg
Fabricator Icon
Item Arrow
Computer Chip Icon
Battery Icon
Titanium Icon
Magnetite Icon
Item Arrow
1x1 default bg
Stasis Rifle Icon



The Hoverboard was an item that was never mentioned on the Developer Favro, but appeared in-game through console commands. It had no model and used the Seaglide item icon. Despite having no interactions, it can be assumed that the Hoverboard would have been used to traverse the land in a similar fashion to the Snowfox, which it was likely scrapped in favour of. It is spawnable in-game using the command "item hoverboard".


Subnautica HovercraftPrototype

Subnautica HovercraftPrototype

Dev video of the Hovercraft

Arctic Spires

Concept art containing the Hovercraft

The Hovercraft was a concept vehicle developed very early in 2018. Although it never made it into a public version of Subnautica: Below Zero, it was fairly far along in developed behavior, including a control system, some animations, and particle effects. A video listed here shows it in use in a very early version of the arctic terrain. It would have been very similar to the Snowfox had it been added.

Seatruck Reversing Camera

Seatruck Cam

The Seatruck's reversing camera

The Seatruck HUD previously included a small reversing camera which appeared automatically when the vehicle was backing up. When it was implemented, it showed only terrain, with none of the various "underwater" effects applied to it, and it would be blocked entirely if the final module was a Seatruck Docking Module with a Prawn Suit attached. It was likely cut due to it being too resource-intensive to render both a front and rear view with proper water effects: at present there is no replacement for it.

Seatruck Planter Module


Inside the module

The Seatruck Planter Module was a Seatruck module that would have been a mobile space for the player to grow plants inside their Seatruck. The model, when it could still be accessed, only had a bare interior with a single Plant Pot in the center. Fragments of the module (visually, placeholder Seatruck Aquarium Module fragments) spawned in the vicinity of Margurit's Base in many later builds (including around the edges of the Tree Spires and Deep Purple Vents biomes), but due to missing setting files the module could not be built even if the required number were scanned, and the "unlock" command would not provide a Blueprint. These Fragments were finally removed from the game in build 29886.


Clear Skies

Clear Skies is a weather type in which neither snow nor rain falls, and the clouds are mostly cleared away. This type of weather was scrapped in favor of lighter weather events, such as light snow.[12] Clear skies can still be initiated using the command weatherevent clearskies.


Cold was a weather type almost identical to the Clear Skies and Calm weather events. It was previously triggerable using the command weatherevent cold but its data has since been removed.


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