This article is about the Brute Shark. You may be looking for the Squidshark.

The Brute Shark is an aggressive fauna species that lives exclusively in the Twisty Bridges.


The Brute Shark has a streamlined body that is mostly grey in color. The body features two large wing-like fins on each side. In some areas, bright yellow-colored bands adorn its body; on the snout, behind each fin, and one behind each of the eyes that continue until they meet on the back. It has a small dorsal and pelvic fin, but lacks a caudal fin entirely.

The head has two side-mounted eyes that fit into shallow recesses in the head just behind the mouth. The mouth itself appears to be composed of a distinctly thicker layer of tissue to the rest of the body, possibly being bony plates. Its jaws are filled with sharp teeth, seven pairs on the upper jaw and six pairs on the lower, for a total of twenty-six.


The Brute Shark is essentially at the top of its food web. It has no predators and can be observed preying on small fish, Arctic Rays, and even the player. On top of its aggressive diet, the Brute Shark appears to move slowly but is actually rather fast when attacking prey.


The Brute Shark is a medium-sized predatory species that seems to take design inspiration from rays in the case of its wings, sharks for general body shape and behaviour. In shape both the mouth and teeth have a very crocodilian appearance.

Data Bank Entry

Brute Shark Ency

A common, shark-like predator with low intelligence, its relatively streamline body enables fast navigation of tight spaces.

  • Yellow / turquoise coloration provides camoflage in shallow waters
  • Slow moving, it ambushes small fish from above

Assessment: Minor threat