Spoiler The subject of this article is not yet in Subnautica: Below Zero.

The contents of this article are not currently in Survival or Freedom naturally but may be available through Creative or Console Commands.

The Boomerang subspecies of the common Boomerang is a new type of fauna that may be featured in Subnautica: Below Zero.


The Boomerang Subspecies is lightly built and is laterally flattened with a black body adorning white patterns. It has a pair of eyes on either side of its head, with the top pair above the mouth and the other pair below the mouth.

From the top and bottom of the creature protrude long, slim, pointy fins extending diagonally backwards from its main body. The tips of these fins give off a cyan bioluminescent glow.


Much like its relative, this subspecies appears to be a common herbivorous prey species. In their picture, they are shown being hunted by a group of Pengwings.