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The Aurora was a spacecraft sent to the Ariadne Arm by the Alterra Corporation in order to build a phasegate. However, its secondary mission, unknown to most of the crew, was to search for and, if possible, rescue the survivors of the Degasi crew.

During a gravity slingshot maneuver around Planet 4546B, the Aurora was struck by the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, resulting in catastrophic hull failure, leading to its crash landing on the surface of the planet. Many lifepods were destroyed by the energy pulse and most of those that did launch were compromised. Ryley Robinson survived in Lifepod 5 and his discoveries led to further exploration of the planet and the eventual installation of The Vesper.


Main Mission


The furthest reaches of inhabited space are due to expand, as Alterra Corp launches a newly-constructed capital ship, carrying a phasegate bound for the Ariadne Arm.

The Aurora will travel from spacedock on the edge of Alterra space, making hundreds of consecutive phasegate jumps through nine different trans-gov authorities, and arrive on the far side of the Ariadne Arm in three months' time. From there the command crew will pilot the ship beyond the final phasegate, arriving in the next solar system approximately 18 months later.

There the elite team of engineers will begin a 6-month construction project on the new phasegate, a multi-trillion credit investment. In the absence of existing infrastructure in the region, the vessel is equipped with advanced thermal and nuclear power facilities.

Alterra Corp. currently operates 9% of all phasegates in the galaxy. If the Aurora's mission is successful Alterra will have outmaneuvered a cabal of Mongolian corporations, operating a range of outposts and mines in the region.

Secret Auxiliary Mission

 - Mission: Search & Rescue
 - Target: Crew of the Mongolian vessel 'Degasi'
 - Last known position: Vicinity of planet 4546B, Ariadne Arm
 - Contact: Mongolian Emissary Jochi Khasar, Aurora Passenger Quarters

Mission brief:
A Mongolian vessel, the 'Degasi', disappeared almost a decade ago, carrying with it a high ranking Mongolian chief. Corporate insurance has purchased passage aboard the Aurora for Emissary Khasar, and your orders are to make every reasonable effort to locate and retrieve the Degasi crewmembers, without compromising the primary mission. Confirming the fate of the crew will aid Alterra's diplomatic efforts with the Mongolian councils.

Mission Details:
 - Aurora is due to perform a slingshot maneuver around 4546B (category 3 ocean planet) approximately 13 months post-launch
 - This will bring the ship within range of the Degasi's last known position
 - Additional aquatic and all-terrain vehicles have been included in the Aurora's cargo package for this mission
 - Degasi crew manifesto has been distributed to senior employees in a separate message

The Mongolian Empire lost contact with private vessel 'Degasi' 18 months after it left colonized space. The Empire has purchased passage aboard Aurora for Emissary Khasar, and your orders are to afford him every reasonable facility to locate and, if appropriate, retrieve Degasi crewmembers, without compromising the primary mission.

Degasi crew manifesto has been distributed to senior officers in a separate data package.

Mission classification: Aurora crew should not be informed of this mission until such time as their co-operation in locating or retrieving Degasi crew is required. It should be stressed that humanitarian auxiliary missions fall outside normal remuneration structures.