The Arrow Ray is a small fauna species.


The Arrow Ray has an elongated, teardrop shaped body with a pale orange dorsal side and white ventral side. It lacks a tail fin, instead having a glowing point at the end of the body. For propulsion the creature uses a pair of over-sized triangular fins on the top and bottom of the head, each adorned with a spike on the front and a second, glowing spike on the back. The front pair of spikes extend beyond the head. The head section is comprised of a pair of large circular eyes and a simple, toothless mouth. Behind the eyes are two pairs of slot-shaped openings.

Databank Entry

Arrow Ray
Arrow Ray Ency

A relatively small ray species capable of fast evasive manauvers.

  • Feeds on plankton
  • The fins on its head form an isosceles triangle, which it can tilt to perform fast and unpredictables manauvers
  • Sharp forward fin tips are capable of spearing attackers who manage to catch up

Assessment: Mostly harmless

Source: Scan Arrow Rays


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Sfx creature arrowray death 01
Sfx creature arrowray flinch 01


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