The Arctic Ray is a mid-sized predatory fauna species. It only preys on small fish and is therefore passive towards the player.


The Arctic Ray's body is bulky and turquoise in color, covered with horizontal red stripes from the eyes to the tail. The tail is club-shaped, purple in color and adorned with two translucent blue fins. The ventral side of the ray seems to be mostly cyan in color, with the dorsal side being red.

The creature sports two large pairs of fins on each side of its body, with the front pair being smaller than the posterior ones. Two stalks protrude from the front on the dorsal side. The stalks have glowing red tips.

On the underside of the ray's front fins is a small mouth filled with sharp teeth. On the central body is an extremely odd arrangement of eyes - seven on both the dorsal and ventral sides of the body, all of which glow bright pink. There is one central oval-shaped eye on either side, larger than all of the others and embedded into the body, with six smaller eyes protruding from the sides of the body attached to slender eye stalks for a total of thirteen eyes.


The Arctic Ray can be seen preying on smaller fish that it finds nearby, but it will be passive towards the player. Sometimes, the ray can be attacked by Brute Sharks, indicating that it is not at the top of its food web.

Data Bank Entry

A fast-moving ray species, well adapted to low temperature environments.

  • Two sets of wing-like fins enable this ray to quickly change direction and accelerate
  • Like other rays it is exclusively herbivorous

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Assessment: Harmless


The Arctic Ray is similar in appearance to rays, Though has a major anatomical difference in that instead of the two large wings seen in both rays of Earth and 4546B, it has four wings. The eye stalks resemble those seen in gastropods.



  • Despite having the distinctive sharp teeth of a predator and preying on small fish in game, it would seem due to lack of observation the creature has been temporarily classed as a herbivore in its data bank entry.